Olive Harvest Crew Near Sevilla

On a short afternoon run through the olive orchard behind the house, I ran by a crew picking olives.  After the run, I went back with my camera.    I found Lucas who is the supervisor of the crew and asked if I could take some pictures.  He said sure, no problem. Lucas runs a …

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Mediterranean Diet Pyramid - GringoCool

Essential Oils – Grandma’s Remedies?

Over the decades, Grandma's remedies such as a spoonful of codfish oil each morning  has been replaced with supplements and visits to the doctor for drugs to improve symptoms of illness.  Now, I am beginning to think many people are finding their way back to Grandma's remedies. Since GringoCool launched "Cold Pressed Elixir",  an organic …

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Day 7 – Into Wine Country of the Camino de Santiago

I walked from Ponferrada to Villafranca de Bierzo on Sunday - approximately 23 km.  I have had really sore knees, and was wondering how the walk would go, but it went great.  I think my knees are healing.  The rest of my legs feel great. I walked through a ton of vineyards, ......back and forth, …

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Spanish Pata Negra Pigs and Their Bellies (yum, yum)

Much has been written about cured Spanish hams (Jamón Ibérico), but the Spanish pork belly just doesn't get enough print in my humble opinion. There are four things you should know about the Spanish pigs that make them very different from the pigs in the United States - hence the pork is different. The pata …

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Classic Recipe for Tortilla Espanola

There are several tapas that are the bread and butter of Spain.  The Spanish Tortilla is one of them.  Really, who can argue with potatoes, eggs and onions?  The Tortialla Espanola is a fabulous appetizer.  Rebecca Brand was kind enough to feature our Tierra Collection of terracotta pottery in a recent recipe video she made.  Please …

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