12 Factors that Influence the Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

12 factors that impact the quality of extra virgin olive oil


Garlic Shrimp (Gambas al Ajillo) Recipe

There are three tricks to preparing garlic shrimp.  First, you must use enough garlic.  The dish is a garlic dish as much as a shrimp dish.  Second, you must use a high quality extra virgin olive oil, and don't be shy with it.  The third tip is to cook at a low heat and be …

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Spanish Pata Negra Pigs and Their Bellies (yum, yum)

Much has been written about cured Spanish hams (Jamón Ibérico), but the Spanish pork belly just doesn't get enough print in my humble opinion. There are four things you should know about the Spanish pigs that make them very different from the pigs in the United States - hence the pork is different. The pata …

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Introducing “Cold Pressed Elixir” from GringoCool

We are happy to introduce our new, Spanish, organic extra virgin olive oil called Cold Pressed Elixir by GringoCool.  Our goal is to serve our customers by staying true to three pillars. Provide the Real Thing Many US consumers have not had the chance to experience or taste real extra virgin olive oil.  In the …

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Classic Recipe for Tortilla Espanola

There are several tapas that are the bread and butter of Spain.  The Spanish Tortilla is one of them.  Really, who can argue with potatoes, eggs and onions?  The Tortialla Espanola is a fabulous appetizer.  Rebecca Brand was kind enough to feature our Tierra Collection of terracotta pottery in a recent recipe video she made.  Please …

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