Garlic Shrimp (Gambas al Ajillo) Recipe

There are three tricks to preparing garlic shrimp.  First, you must use enough garlic.  The dish is a garlic dish as much as a shrimp dish.  Second, you must use a high quality extra virgin olive oil, and don't be shy with it.  The third tip is to cook at a low heat and be …

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Spanish extra virgin olive oil

Free Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sample with each Pottery Purchase

I woke in a marketing mood today!  And can't help but share some of our GringCool news. Starting this week, we ship a free sample of Spanish extra virgin olive oil with each purchase of pottery from our online store (  The free samples are 30 ml (about 2 tablespoons). Below is our instructions that …

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Remembering our loved ones

Wonder, Read, Taste, Be Cool Wonder Halloween, All Saints Day, and the Day of the Dead are all end of October or beginning of November celebrations in the Western Hemisphere. While the Anglo Halloween tradition is marked more by the spirits of terrifying or magical creatures, monsters, and bloody bodies, the Spanish tradition is more into remembering the loved ones …

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The 2018 Olive Harvest Has Begun in Spain

The 2017 summer was hot and dry here in southern Spain.  Not much precipitation at all......   which bodes well for fans of flavorful Spanish extra virgin olive oil. Just like any other fruit, when there is an abundance of moisture during the growing season, the fruit becomes fat and juicy and the olive oil extracted …

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Mediterranean Diet Pyramid - GringoCool

Essential Oils – Grandma’s Remedies?

Over the decades, Grandma's remedies such as a spoonful of codfish oil each morning  has been replaced with supplements and visits to the doctor for drugs to improve symptoms of illness.  Now, I am beginning to think many people are finding their way back to Grandma's remedies. Since GringoCool launched "Cold Pressed Elixir",  an organic …

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