“Spanish Ceramics” made in China

This is a real problem.  There is a large population of artisans in Spain that produce beautiful, top quality ceramics.  There are no regulations in the Spain that require a product to carry a label on where it is made.  For example, in the U.S., you can pick up a piece of tableware, turn it …

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The 2018 Olive Harvest Has Begun in Spain

The 2017 summer was hot and dry here in southern Spain.  Not much precipitation at all......   which bodes well for fans of flavorful Spanish extra virgin olive oil. Just like any other fruit, when there is an abundance of moisture during the growing season, the fruit becomes fat and juicy and the olive oil extracted …

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Mediterranean Diet Pyramid - GringoCool

Essential Oils – Grandma’s Remedies?

Over the decades, Grandma's remedies such as a spoonful of codfish oil each morning  has been replaced with supplements and visits to the doctor for drugs to improve symptoms of illness.  Now, I am beginning to think many people are finding their way back to Grandma's remedies. Since GringoCool launched "Cold Pressed Elixir",  an organic …

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Introducing “Cold Pressed Elixir” from GringoCool

We are happy to introduce our new, Spanish, organic extra virgin olive oil called Cold Pressed Elixir by GringoCool.  Our goal is to serve our customers by staying true to three pillars. Provide the Real Thing Many US consumers have not had the chance to experience or taste real extra virgin olive oil.  In the …

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Selling on Amazon – An article about one of the many challenges

Amazon’s algorithms are causing customers to pay significantly more than they should for popular products, while promoting those that benefit the corporation, according to an investigation by journalism non-profit ProPublica published today (Sept. 20). The e-commerce company doesn’t disclose exactly how its algorithm selects products from certain merchants, or itself, to be recommended in its… via …

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GringoCool & Cactus Canyon Ceramics – Change is in the Air!

As the summer winds down changes are in the air at Cactus Canyon Ceramics. For years, Cactus Canyon Ceramics has focused on finding outstanding hand painted pottery in Spain and bringing it to the U.S. market. This has involved visiting many factories and workshops throughout Spain, and making new friends and acquaintances in the process. …

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