Did you miss Prime Day? “Cold Pressed Elixir” 20% off in Amazon Lightning Deals this coming Friday night!!

Are you arriving late from a party on Friday, July 14th? Are you having trouble falling asleep? Are you getting up early for a bike ride or a run on Saturday, July 16th? The bottom line is Are you going to be awake during the night this coming Friday/Saturday**? ’cause, you should.

Did you miss Amazon Prime Day? As a small business we wanted to participated in the excitement by offering you a Lightning Deal this coming Friday. As rookies in the field though, we got assigned the time frame between 00:10 and 06:10 am PST July 16th to offer you at a “lighting” reduced price the real deal in terms of organic EVOO that will help you to live healthier and happier. We are offering 20% off  of our organic extra virgin olive oil “Cold Pressed Elixir¨ by GringoCool!

PrimeDaySaleGrab your electronic device and start shopping at our amazon address and get your favorite organic EVOO 20% off. Did we say that it will be at 20% off? Here is the link again  https://www.amazon.com/GringoCool/pages/15615549011

“Since Lightning Deals are time-sensitive, it’s important to complete your order as soon as possible. You can sign up to watch a Lightning Deal up to 24 hours before it begins, and get notifications in your phone when is about to start.” (from Amazon)  We never knew that you can even use our Lightning Deal as an alarm!!

20% off during Amazon Lightning Deals this Friday!!!
20% off during Amazon Lightning Deals this Friday!!!

Our product is an organic, EVOO made with the Picual variety of olives. A very robust EVOO with a peppery finish at the back of your throat. Our GringoCool EVOO comes straight from a top quality Olive Oil Mill near Cordoba, Spain to your doorstep in the States. During normal hours you can get it at regular price on amazon.com or at www.gringocool.com.

** Times of the sale are on the night of Friday July 14th/Saturday 15th between
00:10 and 06:10 am PST;
11:10 pm and 05:10 am MST:
10:10 pm  and 04:10 am  CST: and
09:10 pm and 3:10 am EST


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