Introducing “Cold Pressed Elixir” from GringoCool


We are happy to introduce our new, Spanish, organic extra virgin olive oil called Cold Pressed Elixir by GringoCool.  Our goal is to serve our customers by staying true to three pillars.

Provide the Real Thing

Many US consumers have not had the chance to experience or taste real extra virgin olive oil.  In the past, many companies have taken advantage of this by introducing sub-par extra virgin olive oil into the U.S. market.  Of course, poorly developed trade and control measures were also to blame, but the real loser is the US public.  Crappy extra virgin olive oils at cut-rate prices (and outrageous prices also) flooding the market creates a shopping landscape hard to traverse.  There is a need for a reliable, trusted source for the “real deal”.  GringoCool will work to be your source of authentic, quality, organic extra virgin olive oil.

No bells & whistles – just value

Spanish, boutique, olive oil companies spend a lot money and effort to enter the top of the market.  Even local mills and producer cooperatives are participating in international competitions with the hope of winning a prize for the quality.  A lot of money is spent on the labels, designs, bottle shape and color, packaging and also travel expenses.  This all leads to a high price per bottle, once the math is done.

GringoCool is convinced that no “bells and whistles” is the best route to go.  Instead of spending a ton of money on fancy labels, fancy painted bottles or cans, and fancy, flimsy packaging,  our primary goal is to provide a top quality organic extra virgin olive oil at a lower price.  When you buy Cold Pressed Elixir you are paying for the olive oil primarily, not the bottle, packaging and trips to international competitions.

A strong secondary goal of GringoCool is to leave as small an ecological footprint as possible.  Our extra virgin olive oil is certified organic.  It is produced with zero chemical inputs.  It is as natural, first cold pressed olive juice.  And our packaging is simple.  We use a wide based, colored glass bottle, craft paper labels and simple double corrugated cardboard for the packaging which assures the safe arriaval of our product to your doorstep.  Our olive oil motto is “No bells and whistles, just simple quality!”


Cold Pressed Elixir is offered at our online store and through other convenient market places such as  Our packaging is designed to ship to your doorstep with zero possibility of breakage.  We are exploring methods for rewarding returning customers.  We have already set up a reward program at our online store that can start when you set up an account and redeemable points are earned with every purchase.  Our bottles are dark glass which preserves the quality of olive oil and the bottle shape has a broad base so it is not easily tipped over.  Our boxes are strong and easy to reuse for packaging presents or storage.  We want our customers to find it easy and convenient to always have a bottle of Cold Pressed Elixir on the table.  For a limited time, we are offering FREE SHIPPING for purchases at our or webstore.  Also, for our Amazon customers, Cold Pressed Elixir will soon be available for Prime and Next Day orders.

Cold Pressed Elixir in it’s natural environment!

Thanks for reading.  To buy a bottle or more of our organic, extra virgin olive oil, please go here..


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