How to scam Amazon

I have to speak out.  I have been an seller since 2013,  and it has been an up and down business relationship.  After my experiences of 3 years, I would say to to newbie online sellers “skedaddle!” if you see a well groomed, sexy amazon coming down the street towards you, …just go find another market place sweetheart!  There are a lot of nice market places out there out there and none with the baggage of

I recognize that none of the other market places have the same potential.  Everyone that goes to is there to buy something and that is why they amazon holds such an important internet space.  Other market places are for shoppers, amazon is for buyers.  And it should come as no surprise that many people out in amazon land know how to scam the system.

Amazon’s highest priority it customer satisfaction, and all errors side with the customer.  Really who can argue with that?  Nobody.  Not even me because my wife shops amazon and she is always skeptical until the merchandise arrives.  Amazon sticks up for the buyer and low prices, fast shipping and customer service are the focus.

But…. where does that leave the third party sellers on amazon?   Let me tell you a little secret… I have had a couple of run-ins with the amazon apparatus and as a result, I am scared to death of losing my amazon business because of one irate customer.  A third party seller has very little wiggle room, and so you learn to lump it with a smile.   This is all leading to two  sweet tips on how to scam  But, please beware that amazon accumulates statistics on everything, including claims and complaints, and I have heard that customers can be banned from the market place if they pass over the line.  Where the line is, I am not sure, so onto the tips.

First tip.

  •  Place an order during the Christmas rush and send it to a family or friends place.   Then get your family member or friend to forward the package when it arrives (without accepting it from the delivery person).  If the delivery is not confirmed, you can claim you did not receive it and then it IS A FREE PRESENT FROM AMAZON FOR CHRISTMAS!  Maybe a complete dining room setting or a trip to Disney Land (less possible).

Second tip:

  • Develop a good relationship with your delivery person.  You might establish this by inviting them in for cookies and milk regularly or even better, ensure that a cousin is the local delivery person.  Just make sure you have a good personal relationship with the delivery person and when they arrive with a package, ask them not to update the status from “out for delivery”.  If the package remains “out for deliver” you can claim you never received and … you get a FREE PRODUCT FROM AMAZON!.

There a ton of different angles that can be used.  This is only regarding deliveries.  There are also angles with returns and refunds, but those are subjects for another day.

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Thanks for reading, and comments are always welcome.

Best – Steve


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