Miniature pots

These pots are hand thrown in Spain!.  Each one is individually made!!!  They are not lumps of clay in the shape of pots, they are actually pots, just very very small.  To give you a sense of size, you can see a car key in some of the photos.  Sorry for the quality of photos.  Since Cactus Canyon Ceramics has started to offer ristras of hand thrown, hand painted miniature pots, I have been keeping my eyes open.  It just blows me a way that each of these pieces is hand made.  I had a chance to visit quite a while one of the factory owners that produces these pieces.  The demand for miniature pieces has dropped over the last few years, probably due to the economic crisis in Europe.  Still, there are regular customers and some of the most important are wholesalers, stores and booths that provide Christmas Nativity scenes, which is a huge tradition here in Spain (worth a post on this blog in the future).

IMG_1505IMG_1503IMG_1499 IMG_1496IMG_1495


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