Types of ceramics in Morocco

Types of ceramics in Morocco

To simplify things a bit, the low cost (low quality) red clay pottery is mostly made in the town of Safi. The higher quality (higher cost) white clay products are made in Fez. In this photo, the red clay products are in the foreground and the white clay in the rear. The Fez pottery carries arabic geometric designs mostly.


2 thoughts on “Types of ceramics in Morocco

  1. Mrs. B.

    Where can I receive information about the lead and other “questionable” components in the paints used on your ceramics?

    1. Hi Mrs B. Thanks for the comment. I will be glad to provide information and you are welcome to email me directly should my information not be sufficient. First, we do not sell any ceramics from Morocco. I had the opportunity to travel parts of Morocco, and since I am big fan of ceramics, I was very interested in the local pottery there. Personally, I think there could be serious problems with some of the ceramics there. I am not familiar with how the standards, rules and regulation in the Moroccan economy. I know for sure there are artisans that produce for the US market and I believe they meet the requirements for food safe pottery. It is not rocket science and it is not that much more expensive than not complying. But,… I don’t know about Moroccan pottery right now.

      Regarding the Spanish pottery we sell, I can assure you that ours complies with even the most stringent regulation in the US regarding lead and heavy metals. All of our table top dishes or anything that could be used for food complies with California Proposition 65, which is 10 times more restrictive than any other State. Many merchants in the past have skirted the California regulations by importing into another State. Not us. We are very serious about providing only the best and safest pottery made.

      The standards/regulations in Europe are similar to the standards/regulations in 49 of the US States. I is only California that raises the bar. People in Europe are very serious about protecting their health, but they have not gone to the extent of California.

      Spanish artisans are among the best in the world for hand painting pottery. Italy also has a very good reputation for hand painting. All of our products are finished with no-lead glaze. We are very careful and also very proud of what we offer. Please let me know if you have any further questions or worries. – Have a great day – Steve

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